About Tarscha

Prepare to be blown away as you experience this Musically Explosive, Dynamic POWER HOUSE that is Tarscha.

Tarscha is highly revered not only for her high energy performances that leave her audiences spellbound, but has also won the respect of the masses in her ability to express real honest emotion through her own original compositions. With the success of her 1st single ‘Sound of Love,’ reaching no.2 in the National Independent Charts, it was obvious that this performer was a force to be reckoned with.

Described by many as a Power House, Tarscha attributes her unique and versatile vocal tones to an amalgamation of unsung hero’s of her past; winning a 4 year scholarship at the Conservatorium of Music; having an exploring interest in all music genres; complimented by a lifetime of immersion in Country Music.

Touring Nationally and Internationally most of her life, Tarscha has earned the adoration of fans far and wide. Blessed with such an expressive and powerful voice, combined with her infectious spirit and exuberant stage presence; inject vulnerability through her original compositions and this performer really has it all.

Sit back, buckle up and hold on, invoke an exciting rollercoaster ride with Tarscha.