New De Vito Website on the Way

Welcome to the new De Vito Waterfront website. Our Social Media/ Web Guru guy Leigh suggested it was time for us to revamp our website with some fresh images of our amazing menu and to fill you in on some of our stories.

The De Vito Waterfront story is a wonderful story with all the makings of a feature length film. Our hosts David & Tarscha are true legends in the entertainment world with both selling albums and performing all around Australia and the world. David De Vito has been the singing chef for years and it was in 2011 when the rest of the world found out about his natural ability to sing like not to many others in the world can. His voice has definately seen him earn the “World Renowned Tenor” tag and quite often during the day and definately during the night service, David performs just for the De Vito Waterfront crowd.

There’s so much more to tell you about your hosts and their amazing staff that you’ll have to come by regularly to check out our fresh pics and video content.

Oh and don’t be shy if you’ve been to De Vito Waterfront we love to hear your feedback either through your favourite Social Media channels are through Trip Advisor.

Here’s the link to our Trip Advisor page.

De Vito Waterfront Trip Advisor

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