Static Guarding

The most effective way to prevent loss or damage of property is presence.  

The presence of our qualified security guards can deter intruders from entering onto your property, while ensuring that constant patrols throughout the property are maintained.  

We also offer state of the art digital technology which enables clients to review our patrols from their own mobile device 24/7.

Crowd Control

With our customer service friendly team of guards, we proactively promote a prevention model, minimising the number of reactive responses necessary.  

Our handpicked team of specialised guards pride themselves on effectively securing  the health, safety and wellbeing  of your clients, patrons and assets.



Event Security

No event is too small or too large. We are able to cater to your needs with the right personnel, from point of entry/exit through to personal protection and barrier guards.

Our team are fully trained and qualified to deal with your event from the preliminary stages of assisting with an alcohol management plan and risk assessment right  through to the pack down of your event, which includes a debrief of our involvement in assisting you.

Concierge Security

With the changing needs of social interaction between security and guests, we offer superior customer service that is second to none.  

Our staff are friendly and professional with an emphasis on appearance.  

We understand that the first impression is a lasting impression so we ensure that our staff are warm and welcoming with local knowledge of the area.

  • Greet tenants and guests
  • Monitor the arrival of guests and ensure the safety and security of the building
  • Provide security outside of the building and notify the proper authorities when tenant safety is a concern
  • Respond to emergencies such as fire department or EMS service calls, maintaining order and assisting tenants to follow proper procedures to ensure safety
  • Coordinate the moves in the building, placing protective covering on lifts during moves
  • Attend to all building emergencies
  • Allocate the visitor parking
  • Providing access to cleaners and tradespeople
  • Supervise special deliveries
  • Maintain the cleanliness of the common areas
  • Manage the arrival and departure of guests
  • Handle noise complaints
  • Changing of the recycling bins and waste skips
  • Monitoring of the surveillance camera
  • Key minding
  • Use the latest patrol technology to track and record patrol movements.  
  • Concierge security officers are accountable 24/7
  • Building Passes.

Mobile and Alarm Response

With our 24/7 rapid response team, we will assist your business in reducing the risk of vandalism, break in and theft.

Offering 3 free alarm responses a month with every 12 month agreement made.

Our mobile guards patrol Commercial properties, Residential properties, Public and Private Schools, Hotels and other accessible locations.




Waterways Security

Do you live on a canal?

Own a Yacht or Boat?

Then this security is for you!

Our waterway patrols can assist you with securing your commercial, residential and personal assets.  

With the increasing trend of thefts and vandalism on our canals it was out of necessity we responded to the growing need to provide a security option for those on our waterways.  

We offer a team of professionals who are able to patrol and secure your piece of paradise on or near the water.  

Film & TV Security

AAA Security Management offer specialist security services and Location Support to the Film and TV industry throughout the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Queensland and Australia.

AAA Security is ASIAL (Security Association) compliant and holds both class 1 (security provider) and class 2 (security advisor) firms licence and public liability.

We have a team of fully trained and qualified security personnel who will protect and secure your crew, set, location, equipment and assist the Location department with the smooth running of the Location, 24 Hours a Day.

We offer a low flat rate 7 days including public holidays, for ease of budget reconciliation, this includes .50c per man hour being given back to the community through our charity program.

The program is designed to allow us to form a collaborative partnership with each of our clients by focusing on future community development.

All our staff are quality assured and fully compliant as licensed security officers/crowd control.

Services include;

Location Security and Support
Unit Base Security
Studio Security
Close Personal Protection/Security Drivers
Event Security
Asset Protection
Media Protection
Concierge Services
Location Parking Assistance
Risk Assessments
Security Budget Reconciliation
Security Advisory